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home remedy for yeast infectionA home remedy for yeast infection can be effective in treating the symptoms and causes of candidiasis. An added benefit is that over the counter drugs and prescription drugs can get pricey while most home remedies are fairly inexpensive.

A natural cure can also be more mild on your body than some of the manufactured medications used to treat yeast infections.

Below we will discuss the most popular home treatments for yeast infection. You may have to experiment a bit to see which ones work for you. You can also try a combination of home treatments - such as yogurt and cranberry pills - to find the most effective method for your body.

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Popular Home Remedies for Yeast Infections

Yogurt - This is probably one of the most popular home methods for treating the itching that comes along with a yeast infection. It is simple too.

Yogurt contains lactobacillus acidophilus which is a "good" type of bacteria that you want in your body since it kills yeast. Since a yeast infection is an overgrowth of yeast, you want to get rid of some of that yeast (see our what is a yeast infection page for more detail).

First, for this home remedy for yeast infection the yogurt needs to be plain yogurt without any additives of any kind (ie, flavorings, sugar, fruit, etc.). Also check to make sure the label states there are "live cultures" or lactobacillus acidophilus in the product.

It can be a bit messy so you may want to put a glove on first. Simply push some of the yogurt into your vagina and rub it around the affected area. It should help reduce your itching almost immediately.

Alternatively, you can put some yogurt on a tampon and use that to cover the affected area. You can wear a sanitary pad to make sure this method doesn't create a mess.

Some people do leave the tampon in from one to several hours each day until the infection is gone.

Another home remedy for yeast infection involving yogurt is to freeze some yogurt in ice cube trays and insert the cubes in the vagina. Yes, it will be cold but it will probably be a welcome relief to that burning and itching you can experience.

I have read of people who put some yogurt on a sanitary pad and wear that during the day. Can be a bit messy but if you have severe itching, you may want to try this method also.

You can also get the same benefits by using acidophilus products which are available at health food stores. You should be able to find acidophilus pills, tablets and liquids. You can apply them like you would yogurt or you take them orally.

Eating plain yogurt is also said to help with yeast infections.

Garlic - Garlic is another popular home remedy for yeast infection. And yes, we mean that nice smelling clove of garlic that you eat. Which, of course, is one potential drawback - smelling like a clove of garlic. Not exactly the makings of a best smelling perfume but, hey, if it works it's worth the price.

Garlic contains some natural antifungal properties that makes it effective in fighting a yeast infection.

One method for this home treatment for yeast infection is to peel off the skin of a fresh clove of garlic. Next, wrap the clove in cheesecloth (or similar material) and insert into the vagina. You can tie the cheesecloth with string or dental floss for easy removal or leave some of the cheesecloth hanging out. Leave it in your vagina for a few hours at a time.

Some people insert the garlic clove directly into the vagina without any covering. It may make it more difficult to remove but if you are feeling adventurous, give it a try. At the worst, you may have to ask someone for help in its removal!

Alternatively, you could get some garlic capsules that are available at health food stores. At least with this home remedy for yeast infection, you won't have to worry about the smell.

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