Recurrent Yeast Infection:

Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

recurring yeast infectionA recurrent yeast infection can make your life hell. The repeated bouts of burning and itching is enough to drive anyone crazy. We know you have to do something about it - and quickly.

Rest assured, though, you are not alone if that makes you feel any better (I know, probably not).

The U.S. Center for Disease Control estimates that approximately 10-20% of people with candidiasis suffer from a recurring form of this infection. The medical community defines a recurring infection as one that appears 4 or more times over the period of one year. So if you have an infection four or more times a year, keep on reading.

We have lots of information for you to go through to help you deal with your yeast infection. Just click on the links below to get the information you need.

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Causes for Recurring Yeast Infections

If you have yeast infections that keep coming back but you don't know why, this is the place to start. We discuss all the common causes of a yeast infection.

Symptoms of Yeast Infections that are Recurring

Here you will find general information about yeast infections and the common symptoms of an infection.

Recurring Yeast Infection Treatment Options

This is what you are probably here to find out - how to cure that repeated yeast infection. We discuss all the different types of treatment options available: from home remedies, to over the counter medication to prescription drugs.

So start exploring and hopefully find your way to a life free of yeast infections.

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