Yeast Infection No More Review:

The Secrets to Curing Your Yeast Infection Naturally

by Linda Allen

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Product Author: Linda Allen

Yeast Infection No More ReviewThere are alot of yeast infection cure books out there - as well as alot of reviews of these books. But if you read some of these reviews, you know the reviewer never even looked at the product they are reviewing.

That is not the case here. If I review a book, you can be sure that I actually have the book and read the information contained in the book. That's not too much to ask I don't think.

And let me tell you, there is ALOT of information in this book. It's 236 pages long and can be a bit overwhelming at first in my opinion.

But then again, so can those irritating and annoying yeast infections. So let's get on with the Yeast Infection No More review.


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Yeast Infection No More Review:


This ebook was written by Linda Allen. She is a certified nutritionist and has been involved in the alternative health industry as a medical researcher, health consultant and certified nutritionist for over a decade.

Most importantly, she is a former yeast infection sufferer and this comes across in her writing. She knows what you are going through. You will be amazed (at least I was) at all the different treatment option she has tried.

Obviously, none of them worked and she came up with her system after years of research.

The book is written in a very friendly, easy to understand tone. No scientific geek speak to try and decipher. Who could stand over 200 pages of that?

Yeast Infection No More Review:


This product is actually an ebook. Once you purchase the ebook, you will get instant access to download the book.

It is very professionally put together and is very easy to read on the computer. Or you can print out a hard copy if you prefer.

In addition to the book, you will receive 5 free bonuses valued at $243.80. Don't ask me how they come up with these numbers, but let's just agree they are worth something.

However, in my opinion, the most valuable bonus is 3 months free email counseling (this is in addition to the 5 bonuses). Yes, you can email Linda herself and get one on one advice from her. And even better, she promises an answer within 24 hours.

I personally emailed Linda and did receive an email response within 24 hours. So from my experience, she lives up to her promise. One thing you want to read in a Yeast Infection No More review.

There is also a full 2 month instant 100% money back guarantee. Just write to Linda and she will give you a prompt 100% refund, no questions asked. Can't get much fairer than that.

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Yeast Infection No More Review:

Information and System

Now we get to the nitty-gritty. What information is contained in this book that will help you cure your yeast infection? We'll answer that question in this Yeast Infection No More Review.

I'll start out by saying that this is a complete natural system. It gets to the root of the cause of your candidiasis rather than just treating the symptoms.

It is not a quick fix system and there are no magic pills (though there is a section on 12 hour relief from your symptoms and another section on a quicker method for busy people - I'll discuss that later).

Linda is forthright and says it requires persistence and patience to get rid of your yeast infection once and for all. The length of time it takes to cure you will also vary by individual. She makes no promises that you will be cured tomorrow - which is actually refreshing.

To get the most out of this book, you must be willing to make changes in your lifestyle. However, even if you don't make permanent changes, there is some great information on getting relief fast. And there is alot of useful health information in here that would be of use to anyone - not just those suffering from a yeast infection.

The topics covered in the book are as follows:

Chapter 1:

Introduction and her story. Linda tells you how to get the most out of the book and how you will be able to get rid of your yeast infection naturally.

Chapter 2:

The nuts and bolts of yeast infection. This section covers such topics as causes, types, symptoms and complications. She also discusses the pros and cons of conventional medication such as over the counter treatments and prescription medicine.

She also discusses the drug and pharmaceutical industries and let me tell you - she doesn't have alot of good things to say.

Chapter 3:

This chapter shows you different ways to diagnose your yeast infection. It includes a simple "symptom score" questionnaire that gives you a rough idea if you have a yeast infection or some other ailment. Interesting stuff.

Chapter 4:

This chapter shows you how to get rid of your surface symptoms quickly - some in as little as 12 hours. However, she is clear that this just gets rid of the symptoms so you can be comfortable and get on with you life. More work will need to be done to attack the cause of the infection to make sure your candidiasis doesn't return.

These are natural remedies and can be done easily. There are also some very good herbal washes for you to use.

Chapter 5:

Here you will find the Quick Results Program for people who are busy and don't have time to follow the whole program. It's relatively short, simple and pretty easy to use. To get the full benefit, Linda says you should still follow these steps for several weeks.

Chapter 6:

This is the full blown system and consists of 3 sections:

  • 1-Introduces you to the five step system in detail. It gives you the diet you need to follow, how to cleanse your system, kill the candida and much more. It is all explained in an easy to follow format.
  • 2-Details other steps you need to do throughout the program (these are simple and deal with things such as exercise, sleep, etc).
  • 3-Details on maintenance and prevention going forward

There is even more information in 4 appendices - as if you needed more.

So to end this Yeast Infection No More review, the million dollar question:

Is It Worth Your Money and Will It Cure Your Yeast Infection?

I will have to say a resounding yes. It is an informative, easy to read and easy to understand program. Linda gives you the reasons behind her program and the steps you should take. Even those without a yeast infection can benefit from the information here.

Her website is full of testimonials who have been helped by this system. On some sites you don't know if these are real or not, but these are complete with names, photos and audio testimonials. People really have been helped by this program. Probably the most important thing you want to hear in a Yeast Infection No More review.

It doesn't profess to be an overnight cure - though you will find lots of info for quick relief from the symptoms. To get the most out of this book, you will probably need to make changes to your lifestyle and eating habits. But if you suffer from yeast infections that is probably a small price to pay. And don't forget there is a 2 month 100% money back guarantee. So what have you got to lose? (Except alot of discomfort!)

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